Year 9 Students Experience University Life

July 12, 2016 4:05 pm

A group of year 9 students spent the day at Nottingham Trent University’s city campus to explore, learn and create.

NTU ambassadors led the Ellis students around the buildings to enable them to research some big questions such as ‘What are the benefits of university?’ The Boots Library was part of the tour as well as the Student Union with its gym, climbing wall and coffee shop. They also visited the NottsTV newsroom and replica courtrooms in the Law School.

Taster sessions were delivered in the subjects of Creative Writing and Health and Social Care. The flipped learning approach gave students the opportunity to stimulate curiosity in groups. A highlight was watching students interrogate portraits around the classroom which then led to some creative writing from each student. A big surprise was when the people in the portraits were revealed at the end. They were all famous authors.

K. Davison
KD Y9 NTU trip6
KD Y9 NTU trip3
KD Y9 NTU trip
KD Y9 NTU trip5