Year 11 Leaving Arrangements

May 26, 2016 10:05 am

Year 11 students are expected to be in school full time until the end of the day on Tuesday 24th May. From Wednesday 25th May, students are expected to attend all lessons in which they have not yet completed the GCSE examination. These lessons are absolutely vital to students for final preparations for the imminent GCSE exam.

Students are also expected to attend all pre-exam sessions which will take place either before school, for morning exams, and during period 4 for afternoon exams. This is an opportunity for final preparations for the upcoming exam with the class teacher.

Where a student has completed all GCSE exams in a subject then the course is completed and the lessons have concluded. During these periods, students are not required to attend school. However, if a student needs to be in school between lessons, for an exam or a pre-examination session, they may use the school canteen as a study area. The LRC is also available for Year 11 when not being used as a classroom.

On Tuesday 21st June from 10:45am to 12:30pm we are holding the Year 11 Leavers Event. This is the last time Year 11 will be together. There will be a speech from the Headteacher, farewell speeches from Year 11 tutors and an opportunity for students to say goodbye to staff, take photos and sign yearbooks and shirts.

The Year 11 Prom takes place on Friday 24th June from 7pm onwards at the Village Hotel, Chilwell.

Results day takes place on Thursday 25th August 2016. Results can be collected from the school canteen from 9am.

Good luck in your GCSEs Year 11!