Student Rewards Scheme

Ellis Guilford Rewards

Rational for giving!

Rewards are given to help motivate and encourage pupils to strive to do better.

Our long term our aim is to foster every pupil’s intrinsic desire to want to improve and “Be their Best” not because of an extrinsic reward but because it matters to them to do well and take pride in what they do

A Consistent Approach

How do pupils earn points?

Short Term- Instant

  • Attendance– 18 points for every full day attended (3 points for each lesson )
  • Reach points awarded for showing Responsibility, Engagement, Ambition, Confidence and being Helpful. (These include challenge and gap task points)
  • Positive praise to students getting it right
  • Stamps in work books/ completed work
  • Note in planner to share with parents and carers
  • Reach Beyond points awarded for students work and involvement outside the classroom which include extra-curricular and whole school contributions. (5 points per session/ contribution)

Medium Term

  • Faculty Postcards-sent home after receiving 20& 40 reach points respectively across the faculty
  • ATL achievement points-Awarded to students 3x a year based on their aggregated ATL scores across all subjects
  • Catalogue cash in- students can cash in points for prizes from Ellis Rewards catalogue (Spring HT2 and Summer HT2)
  • HT- House rewards assemblies- individual rewards for students who have made progress and achieved well across each house
  • HT-Attendance drive rewards to tutor groups and individuals who have demonstrated excellent attendance3000 points=Silver4250 points= Head teachers Award
  • 4000 points = Gold
  • Individual Bronze, Silver and Gold Personal Achievement certificates- awarded to all students once they achieved a certain amount of conduct points 2000 points = Bronze

Long Term

  • Rewards Trips– Students can cash in points for money off end of year rewards activities
  • Prom cash in– Students can cash in points for money off end of year prom and merchandise
  • Catalogue cash in-Students can cash in all their points for prizes from the catalogue
  • Roll over– Students can roll their points over into the next academic year

How do points add up?

100% attendance = 3,510 points, 95% attendance = 3,334points

Reach points are limited to 2 per subject per day. A student earning 1 per day would accumulate 195 points

ATL points would give a positive hard working student an extra 600points based on them achieving a ATL band 1 score

ATL bandings:

ATL band 1 = 1.0-1.49 = 200 points

ATL band 2 = 1.50-2.0 = 100 points

ATL band 3 = 2.1-2.50 = 50 points

*Anything over an aggregated score of 2.51 = 0

Reach Beyond points

These would give a positive student who attends 1 extra- curricular club a week an extra 180-200 points a year

What could a positive hardworking student earn?

A student with an excellent attendance who works hard throughout the year and attends one club each half term could accumulate 4205 points= Gold Standard

Reach Points

When and why to give them?

Reach points are given to students who show a real commitment to their learning and produce something special!

Whilst it is acceptable to award a whole class a reach point it shouldn’t be the norm every week

Students need to develop their intrinsic desire to improve. Reach points should be given to develop this!

Some Examples:

 Showing Responsibility:

  • Students supporting others learning in a responsible and engaged way
  • Students taking the lead and contributing to small group tasks and positive outcomes
  • Students going out their way to support peers and staff in the learning process
  • Students can work independently and produce work to a high standard

Showing Engagement:

  • Students showing a high level of concentration and focus in lessons leading to good progress and work output which is at least in line with their predicted levels and beyond
  • Students contributing well in class discussions and group work
  • Students demonstrates hard work ,reflection and resilience in producing a well presented end product/ piece of work
  • Students produce good homework reflecting application and independent learning
  • Students are able to work independently, showing focus and willingness to achieve set goals/objectivesShowing Ambition:
  • Students going the extra mile to achieve their goals
  • Students showing creative ideas to achieve success
  • Students willing to take risks in order to achieve their objectives
  • Students showing imagination, resourcefulness, and analytical skills to solve problems

Showing Confidence:

  • Students show ability to complete tasks on time with confidence and self- efficacy
  • Students show high level of self-direction and planning in producing work to their expected levels of achievement and beyond
  • Students show strong communication skills and are not frightened to take risks in expressing their opinions, producing work
  • Students are pro- active with their learning and pre-emptive in dealing with setbacks and problems with their work
  • Students show strong self- belief and resilience and lead others by example

Being Helpful:

  • Students supporting others learning in a responsible and engaged way
  • Students taking a pro- active role in supporting the teacher to facilitate learning
  • Students taking responsibility for their own learning, showing a willingness to work independently and in groups
  • Students showing a positive mind set and self-efficacy to take on new challenges and work tasks

* Reach beyond points

These points are awarded to all students who take part in and support school activities outside the normal school day.

These include competitive fixtures and events, extra-curricular clubs and activities, school duties and supporting house and whole school / community events

Students earn 5 points every time they take part or contribute towards one of the above activities

*Registers will be taken by staff running / recording these activities and lists will be processed by the school office staff, with points added to student’s totals each week and throughout the year