Student Rewards Scheme

Ellis Guilford Rewards

Rational for giving!

Rewards are given to show students that we notice, when they are Being their Best.

How do pupils earn points?

Achievement points are awarded for showing our School Values:


  • Reporting bullying or safeguarding incidents
  • Mentoring other students
  • Working successfully in a group
  • Standing up for equal rights
  • Raising money for charity
  • Being a school ambassador


  • Completing all work set in lessons
  • Assisting teachers
  • Putting 100% effort into tasks
  • Supporting fellow students
  • Ignoring distractions
  • Reporting negative behaviour


  • Attempting challenge tasks
  • Offering detailed and enthusiastic answers
  • Asking challenging question or raising learning queries
  • Requesting additional work
  • Competing outstanding homework
  • Attending extra-curricular activities
  • Making excellent progress

Day-to-day Rewards

  • Text Message Home – Every Friday, all students who have received 0 behaviour logs and at least 20 achievement points will receive a text message home to inform parents of this.
  • Faculty Postcards – Sent home to each student receiving 50,100 or 250 Ambition points in one faculty area.
  • Faculty £5 INTU voucher – Awarded weekly to each faculty’s nominated Top Banana.
  • House £5 INTU voucher –Awarded weekly to each house’s nominated Top Banana.
  • Values Bronze, Silver & Gold certificates – Awarded to students when they receive 500, 1000 & 2000 Achievement Points
  • Faculty / House Star Awards – Awarded once a Half-Term, a £25 INTU voucher

Long Term

  • Rewards Trips – At the end of each term, a Rewards Event will be put on for students with the best ATL grades
  • Prom cash in – Students can cash in points for money off end of year prom and merchandise
  • Awards Night – Students are nominated by the Faculties and House Teams for a variety of different categories
  • Year 8 Graduation – Year 8 students are awarded for showing they are ready to begin their GCSEs