Reporting & Assessment

You can view or download information about our reporting and assessment information from this section. This includes our assessment calendar as well as what we report and what it means.

From the downloads below, you can find information relating to the reporting and assessment cycle for the current academic year. This includes information about what we report and when we report it as well as what some of our grades mean.

Please take some time to look at this information as it will help you in working with school in supporting better progress and results for students at our school.

More details about our progress review days and supporting the learning of your child at home will be available soon. We are currently in the process of changing the format and style of our written reports to help ensure that you get better, more regular and helpful information about the progress of your child. Your feedback in our recent surveys is much appreciated and has helped us to develop our new model.

Downloads and Documents

Target Setting And Reporting 2014-2015

open download

Attitude and Progress Grades

open download

Understanding Levels of Progress

open download

Assessment And Reporting Cycle - 2014-2015

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