Year 7 & 8 Passport Scheme

What is the Ellis Guilford Passport?

The Ellis Guilford passport is a collection of activities, events and experiences which students can take part in, as an addition to their mainstream curriculum. The passport will expose students to a wider set of experiences which will enrich and develop the personal skills and qualities which are hard to experience in the classroom.

Why should a student take part in this?

The idea that a student can benefit from experiencing something new or being placed in a challenging environment is an exciting one. We strongly feel that all students will develop more sustainable and balanced viewpoints and a more in depth set of skills if they have a wider range of experiences to draw from. By taking part in the Ellis Guilford School passport, students will develop and strengthen skills which they are exposed to through the discovery curriculum. There are stamps which work on leading, creating and communicating which are skills future employers look for.

How will I know if I’m successful?

The passport scheme is mainly self-assessed by each student, with the award when submitted as complete being checked by staff. The overall quality assurance is completed by the student’s Form Tutor and myself. All students will need to place any evidence in their passport folder, which can be accessed from their Chromebook or a school PC.  Once the students work has been approved you will be awarded your citizenship award. The citizenship award consists of a certificate and a badge to display on the lapel of your blazer.

In order to gain the award what do I have to do?

The tasks to complete are listed in this letter and show that some activities need to be completed more than once or outside of school. Each task has a points value attached to them and each level of award has a compulsory literacy stamp to complete as part of the points values shown below

Bronze award 20 points Bronze badge & certificate
Silver award 40 points Silver badge & certificate
Gold award 70 points Gold badge & certificate


Downloads and Documents

Passport Booklet

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