Menu Choices

Ellis Guilford School meals are provided by The Catering Academy.  In order to comply with national guidelines relating to menu choice, The Catering Academy offer a three week rolling menu which can be found as a download to this page.

These menu choices are subject to change in the event that suppliers are unable to provide ingredients of the required standard, but the school endeavours to ensure that this is a rare occurrence.

In addition to the menu choices listed, the school also offers wraps, pasta snack pots and paninis on a daily basis.  Pupils are encouraged to eat a varied diet, but are not restricted in their choice.

Week 1 – Weeks Commencing – 21st September, 12th October, 16th November, 7th December

Week 2 – Weeks Commencing – 28th September, 2nd November, 23rd November, 14th December

Week 3 – Weeks Commencing – 5th October, 9th November, 30th November, 21st December

Downloads and Documents

Autumn 2015 Menu

open download