Pupil Premium

chromebook-twitter-resizeThe Pupil Premium grant is funding allocated to all schools to enhance the educational outcomes, both academic and non-academic, for disadvantaged students. Schools are free to use the grant in the most appropriate ways to support their students.
The school has used the funding to support their students in a variety of different ways; the appointment of additional staff, staff development, intervention strategies, enhancing curriculum opportunities and supporting learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.

The Pupil Premium allocation for Ellis Guilford School for 2015 to 2016 was £607,750.00.

Details of how Ellis Guilford has used the Pupil Premium last academic year, and how it will be spent this year, can be found below.

Pupil Premium 2015-16 Projected Pupil Premium spend 2016-17
Eligible students 650
Staffing  £425,811.20  £469,787
Intervention Strategies  £24,655 £24,655
 Enhancing curriculum opportunities  £128,120 £128,120
Resources for pupil premium students  £8,788 £8,788
Funding for projects £20,375.80  £20,375
 Total  £607,750  £651,725

Summary of Pupil Premium Barriers and Actions

 Barrier Action to address barrier 
Attainment in mathematics and English Additional maths and English teacher, Bilborough Peer Coaches, Pupil Premium mentors
Year 7 literacy. Support for ,L4/ Tr6 entry Year 7 Literacy support tutor(s)
Post 16 Progression and careers Careers Officer
Vulnerable KS3 Pupil Premium learners Specialist TA(s)
 KS4 learners requiring bespoke curriculum  ACCESS manager, AP subsidy, ACESS TA(s)
 Learners, Step 1 (KS3 L1) Transition Learning Centre Staff
 Accurate and credible data for staff Data Manager
Co-ordination of Pupil Premium projects/ tracking of Pupil Premium Students Pupil Premium Manager/ AHT
Attendance  Attendance Officer, Breakfast Club subsidy
Behaviour and pastoral issues Pastoral Support Managers and workers
Staff absence of specialists Agency staffing
KS3 literacy levels LRC Reading Project, Lexia
Access to ICT for coursework/independent study Laptop lease, SAM learning, Doddle, Matheletics, Champs, C6, Pass, revision guides
Student engagement Rewards subsidy, Challenge Day subsidy, peripatetic music lessons, Breakfast Club subsidy, Alton Towers incentive

Measuring the Impact of Pupil Premium Funding

The impact of the Pupil Premium grant spending will be measured three times per year against on-going assessment point data and annually against the GCSE results. Following each assessment point data collection, there will be a formal Standards meeting chaired by the Deputy Headteacher: Standards whereby the Head of Department for each subject will report on the progress of Pupil Premium learners and the impact of the aspects of the strategy related to their area. An annual Pupil Premium report will be published to Governors and parents which evaluates the previous academic year’s spending. An annual Pupil Premium strategy meeting will take place involving the Headteacher, Deputy Head: Standards, CtG Governor, Assistant Head Teacher: Achievement, School Business Manager and Pupil Premium Manager. All spending will be evaluated against GCSE examination results. The Pupil Premium Manager holds fortnightly meetings with Heads of Department with a focus on Pupil Premium learner progress and the impact of the current strategies used to raise attainment. Heads of Faculty and Heads of Department track, monitor and measure the impact of the Pupil Premium strategies in on-going departmental line management meetings and establish accountability frameworks within each department. Departmental requests from the Pupil Premium grant will have expected impact evaluated by Assistant Head Teacher prior to agreement and subject leaders will report on the impact based on on-going assessment collection and end of year results.

The Pupil Premium strategy review took place in September 2016. The next review will be September 2017.

Downloads and Documents

Proposed Pupil Premium Spending 2016-2017

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Pupil Premium 2015 to 2016 Report, Spending and Evaluation

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