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For some time, our governing body has been discussing how best to continue to provide a high quality education for our children in the context of continuing national changes to schools and funding arrangements. The government and local authorities have been encouraging schools to work much more closely with each other.  Our governors have spent much time this and last year discussing how Ellis Guilford School can take advantage of the changes and strengthen its partnership arrangements with other schools.

These discussions have led governors to resolve that the best way to support partnership working is for our school to become an academy. This means that Ellis Guilford School is proposing to enter into a formal partnership with other schools as part of a multi-academy trust.  After a due diligence exercise, we have chosen Creative Education Trust (CET) as the preferred trust to join by 1st November 2018.

We have now reached the point that we need to seek the views of the local community, parents, students and staff on this proposal.  We will be running a consultation process from 4th September 2018 to 19th October 2018 to both help you understand what is being proposed and to gather your views.

Meetings are scheduled which will consist of a brief explanation about what academy status would mean for Ellis Guilford School, followed by a question and answer session. Representatives from CET and the school’s Governing Body will also be in attendance. The details of the meetings are as follows :

  • Wednesday 19th September at 3.30pm for all staff
  • Wednesday 19th September at 5.30pm for all parents and the public
  • Wednesday 26th September 2018 from 3.30pm to 5.30pm as an informal drop-in session for parents, local community and staff to ask any question


It is essential that we gather as many views and opinions as possible, and answer any questions as part of the consultation process.

We understand that some parents, carers and other members of the community may not be able to attend the meeting so we have added a link to the Consultation leaflet below which provides information about some of the questions you may have.  We have also provided a link below for respondents to provide feedback via an online form.

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback.

Click here to access an online response form

Click Here for the consultation leaflet