Career Information For Parents

When your child is leaving secondary education and moving to further education it can be a daunting experience for them and the parents. Hopefully our frequently asked questions below will be able to put you at ease and put you in the right direction for arrange a space in a further education establishment.


Frequently Asked Questions


When does my child need to apply to College or Sixth Form?

Your child will need to apply when they are in Year 11.  We advise students to apply during the first Autumn term in Year 11 between September and December, before they come back in January. After Christmas your child will have lots of pressure, revision and work towards their exams, so it’s best to get the college application submitted early.

Please Note: Some Sixth Forms have deadline dates, so please check on their website.

How does my child apply to College or Sixth Form?

  1. Fill in the online application form, usually found on the college or Sixth Form website OR
  2. Fill in a paper application form.  Your child can get these from the Careers Office

What happens after my child applies?

  1. They will be contacted by the College or Sixth Form
  2. They may be invited for an interview or a ‘Meet the Team’
  3. If they haven’t already written a personal statement as part of their application, they may be asked to write one and take it to their interview
  4. If they are successful, they will be given an offer, which may be conditional dependent on their GCSE results.

How many colleges does my child need to apply to?

We would advise that you encourage your child to apply for more than one course at more than one college; for their first choice and their back-up plan.  It doesn’t matter if your child applies to more than one college.  They don’t need to make their final decision until they have received their GCSE results, when they will decide which course to enrol on.

What if my child wants to do an Apprenticeship?

If your child is interested in doing an Apprenticeship, there are some Large, National Employers who start the application process early.  However for the majority of Apprenticeships they will start to apply when they are coming up to leaving school, probably around April / May 2018.  Your child needs to ‘create an account’ using the link below and we would advise that they activate text or e-mail alerts.  This means that when new Apprenticeships are advertised your child will receive an alert: –

Tip: Apprenticeships are extremely competitive, so please encourage your child to apply to college or sixth form, as a back-up plan.

How can I help my child?

Help your child to decide which college or sixth form they prefer by going with them to open days or encouraging them to attend open days with their friends.  You will both get chance to have a look around the college, find out about what courses are on offer, meet college staff, get a feel for the place, find out what facilities are available, find out about extra-curricular activities, find out what support is available, ask questions, see how long it takes to get there and find out how to apply.

Who are some local Colleges and Sixth Forms?

  • Bilborough Sixth Form College, Bilborough
  • Bulwell Academy Sixth Form, Bulwell
  • Brackenhurst (Part of Nottingham Trent University), Southwell
  • City College Nottingham, Nottingham NG3
  • Confetti, Nottingham NG1
  • Nottingham College (Campuses across Nottingham)
  • Nottingham Girls Academy, Aspley
  • NUAST (Nottingham University Academy of Science & Technology)
  • NUSA (Nottingham University Samworth Academy), Bilborough

There are many more, your child will need to do their own research



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National Apprenticeship Parent Pack March 2019

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National Apprenticeship Parent Pack February 2019

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National Apprenticeship Parent Pack January 2019

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