Open Evening – House Captains’ Speeches

September 25, 2015 11:30 am

Nyran Hall Nyran Hall (Corsairs)

Hello, my name is Nyran Hall and I am House Captain for the Corsairs.  When I began Ellis Guilford School it was still a building site, older students went out at lunchtimes and wore polo shirts and sweatshirts.  Four years on, I am now in Year 11 and Ellis Guilford has moved forward to not only having great buildings and a smart uniform, but staff and students who are proud to say that they come here.  Our School motto ‘Be Your Best’ and the acronym REACH represent what we are all expected to be: responsible, engaged, ambitious, confident and helpful.  These push students to strive to improve not only academically but holistically.  We are an inclusive school where everyone is valued; we are a good school working together to become outstanding.  Thank you.

Nathan Raynor Nathan Raynor (Knights)

Hello, my name is Nathan Raynor and I am going to talk about student leadership within Ellis Guilford School.  You may already know there are four houses and I am the Knights house captain.  There are many opportunities for student leadership, for example, in each tutor group there is one council rep.  These form with other council reps to create a school council.  There are also sports leaders, prefects and a special prom committee who are currently writing a Year 11 – Year Book.  The school has recently created a group that works with Nottingham University to ensure all our students’ cultures are included in school life.  These are also opportunities academically for students to shape the learning future of Ellis Guilford, a chance for students to have their say on their school, a chance for students to take joint control with staff.  The student leadership roles not only come with a badge, they come with responsibility.  You will be a role model to other students, and represent Ellis Guilford as the good school we are.

Georgia Wood Georgia Wood (Panthers)

Hello, my name is Georgia Wood and I am currently a Year 11 student.  I am a house captain for Panthers and I’m here to tell you about aspirations, and how students in our school go on to a bright future with either college, sixth form, apprenticeships or university.  We all have aspirations to go far in life and have career paths such as lawyers, doctors, surgeons or even being in the Army.  I never believed I’d be able to go far when first arriving at Ellis, however, as the years have progressed the teachers have helped us believe in ourselves and realise our potential.  Now instead of having little dreams and aspirations, students have big dreams and all hope to go far in whatever career path they choose to go on.  The School helps us get good grades so that we can have a great career.  My aspiration in life is to become a solicitor and I now believe I can do this because the school is helping me to work towards achieving A’s and B’s academically so I can get in to a good college.  We all hope to go far in whatever we choose to do.  Thank you.

Courtney Brown Courtney Brown (Centurions)

Hello, my name is Courtney Brown, and I’m the Centurions house captain.  In Year 7 I wasn’t the best behaved student and I found it difficult to adapt to Year 7.  This gave me a bad reputation and stopped me enjoying school life.  By year 9 I began to sort out my attitude and start to get my head down, as I realised that school was important and that a lot was expected from me.  In Year 10 I was a new and improved Courtney with predicted grades of C’s, B’s and surprisingly A’s!  This boosted my confidence and with the support of teachers, I am proud to say that I am the person who I am today.  I am becoming a responsible student, gaining confidence in my abilities and now believe that I can achieve my ambition and go into the Army.  I have had my ups and downs, and still have some, but with the support of the staff and their belief in me, I know at Ellis Guilford you can achieve anything you put your mind to.  So I would like to say thank you to all the staff that have helped me and thank you all for listening.