NUSIC School Tour

November 28, 2016 2:53 pm

dsc_0713Last week, students at Ellis Guilford were visited by the NUSIC School Tour. Mark Dell of NUSIC compared the event whilst local artists Rob Green and NAT performed and spoke about their creative processes and experiences of breaking into the music industry. It was then over to the students to ask their questions to Mark, Rob and NAT. During the break, some students were interviewed by Notts TV.

After that, the tables were turned and it was the students who were given the opportunity to perform. Students received expert critical advice and were given the chance to put this feedback into action, perform again and see notable improvements in their performances.dsc_0693

The day was a positive and enlightening experience where everyone took away a wealth of advice as well as the message that having a career you love requires lots of hard work and dedication but the rewards are well worth it.

The event was featured on the 6.30 Show on Notts TV on Thursday 24th November.

Students interviewed by Notts TVView the NUSIC photo album for more pictures.

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