Houses of Parliament and Natural History Museum Visit

November 16, 2016 2:22 pm

enqm7914rjzd1546On a wet November morning, a group of Ellis Guilford students and staff set off to London to visit the Natural History Museum and the Houses of Parliament. The group comprised of students from the Year 10 Sociology group, along with Year 8 and Year 9 students who have committed time to help the school as Ambassadors or by serving on the School Council or House Councils.

After battling rush hour traffic, we got to the Natural History Museum where students marvelled at dinosaurs, bones, mammals, fish, amphibians and reptiles. Models that roared and moved, paintings and interactive games kept everyone occupied.

After lunch, we ventured to the Houses of Parliament. We got through the strict security where bags and phones had to be left behind and were taken through the Robing Room and House of Lords. We then watched a debate in the House of Commons. After that, it was time to take part in a workshop about how the election process works. We were able to participate in our own mini-election, finishing with the naming of our Prime Minister. We are demanding a recount!

We finished by driving past Oxford Street to look at the beautiful Christmas lights. We finally arrived back at school at 9.20pm after a long, enjoyable day where we all learnt a lot.

– Mrs Eatonuelu2659kdjf6665napl6757