Duke of Edinburgh Award Practice Expedition

June 12, 2017 12:34 pm

Last weekend, 15 students took part in their practice expedition for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. The aim of the practice expedition was for students to hone their navigation, camping and cooking skills before their final expedition in July.

The three teams of Year 9 students set off from Rufford Country Park on Saturday morning in the rain, with some of the bags appearing to be larger and heavier than the students themselves!

Following a challenging day walking and navigating, all of the groups made it to Walesby Forest campsite by evening. Before resting, they first set up their tents and cooked themselves a meal on camping stoves. That evening, students and staff were treated to a fireworks display from a scout group in a nearby pitch, which was a welcome treat.

On Sunday, the students woke early and cooked themselves a breakfast which ranged from porridge to pancakes. With confidence gained from the previous day’s expedition, they set off and made good progress in the first couple of hours on their route to Clumber Park. By the final leg the teams had found their rhythm and enjoyed the last stretch of walking along the lake.

All the students should be proud of what they have achieved this weekend, walking over 20km and overcoming challenges they were met with along the way. For some students, this was their first experience of camping.

The students have their final qualifying expedition on 1st and 2nd July where they will be assessed on their expeditionary skills, which will go alongside the skill, volunteering and sport sections to complete their Bronze Award.


Most interesting items carried on the expedition:

  •  Four glass jars of herbs and seasoning
  •  An 800 page Game of Thrones book weighing half a kilo
  •  Fluffy slippers