Steven wins Children of Courage Award

April 28, 2017 10:49 am

Year 11 student Steven Chrich has received a Children of Courage Award from Nottingham Rotary Club. Steven has been recognised for showing courage in the face of adversity and also for his contribution to the community.

Mr Jackson, who attended the Children of Courage event with Steven, said, ‘It was such an honour to be with Steven yesterday when receiving his award. The whole experience was brilliantly organised by the Nottingham Rotary Club and a great way to honour children who have shown great courage throughout their lives.’

Steven’s community work has already gained him Notts TV and BBC Radio Nottingham appearances. Recently, he has been instrumental in raising funds and publicity to restart the Nottingham Hoods Wheelchair Basketball Team. His determination to reopen the club means that it is now regularly attended by many members in the community. Steven is currently helping to organise a sponsored 24 hour Wheelchair Basketball Game and Community Fun Day on 27th May 2017 here at Ellis Guilford School. He has been working hard to publicise this event and raise awareness of his condition, Freidreich’s Ataxia, which affects his nervous system. He hopes that greater awareness will lead to more understanding and funds for research.

Mr Jackson said that at yesterday’s ceremony, ‘Steven really enjoyed receiving his award from the Mayor of Nottingham and spreading the word about the Nottingham Hoods Wheelchair Basketball Club and the Wheelchair Basketball Event.’

The 24 Hour Wheelchair Basketball Game and Community Fun day take place at Ellis Guilford on 27th May 2017 10am-4pm. Entry is free and there will be stalls, games and activities throughout the day. People can sponsor the players and give to the cause at The day will raise fund for the Hoods Wheelchair Basketball Team, Ataxia UK and for adaptations to Steven’s home to help him be more independent. Please contact Claire Moore for more information.

Nottingham Hoods Wheelchair Basketball Club takes place on Wednesdays 3.30-5.00pm at the Ellis Guilford Sports Hall.