Challenge Day October 2016

October 7, 2016 4:43 pm

Our first Challenge Day of the year took place on Thursday 6th October. On challenge days, students encounter a variety of learning experiences based around different themes for each year group.

The Year 7 students went off-site to further cement the team building skills needed to work together during their time here at Ellis Guilford.

Year 8 participated in workshops inspired by our link schools in Malindi (Kenya) and Kicukiro (Rwanda) to build awareness of themselves as global citizens.

The students in Year 9 took part in a Design Discovery Day where they participated in a variety of design-led tasks to show the influence that design has had through history and its relevance to today.

There was a murder mystery for a number of our Year 10 students who use their logic, persuasion and questioning skills to fathom who was responsible for a string of murders. Year 10 students also used their team work to rise to a number of challenges out on the fields, using their combined strengths to solve puzzles and tasks.

Year 11 prepared for life after Ellis Guilford by working on key areas and skills that they will need to maximise opportunities at post 16.

Photographs of Challenge Day can be viewed in the Challenge Day photo album.