Challenge Day March 2017

March 17, 2017 4:14 pm

Our second challenge day of the school year took place on Wednesday 15th March, enabling students to encounter learning activities outside of their usual timetables.

Year 7

Superheroes and villains was the theme for Year 7 students on Challenge Day. Visiting authors The Etherington Brothers entertained and educated audiences with their show about how they created their popular graphic novels. They also visited tutor groups to give tips on illustration and bringing characters to life. Founder of the Excelsior Award for graphic novels Paul Register delivered workshops and talks on comic books and how to make the right reading choices for your personal tastes. Throughout the day, students used the information and skills they had learnt to complete tasks, including creating their own superheroes.

Year 8

Year 8 faced a series of five science challenges designed to develop an awareness of science and its place in the world , through interactive tasks and experiments. These involved designing and building land yachts, making a parachute to protect eggs when thrown from a building, building extremely tall lighthouses, heating up water with home-made solar heaters and making and testing wind turbines.

Joshua in year 8 said after the day, ‘The best challenge was the egg parachute because it was the most fascinating and exhilarating.’ Another Year 8 student took away the message that renewable resources were a better way to make the power we need, stating,’I learnt that we don’t need fossil fuels, we can just use wind power and turbines.’

Year 9

The Year 9 students spent the day learning about crime and accident prevention and how the criminal justice system works in the UK. They were involved in workshops from a variety of visitors including police officers, prison wardens, fire safety officers and transport police. Charlotte in Year 9 thought that the most memorable part of the day was a workshop involving prisoners, ‘The most eye-opening experience was listening to the prisoners’ stories and how much emotion they showed for their past actions.’ Students were also shown a replica of the inside of a prison cell and asked lots of questions about life inside prison from a warden.

Year 10

Year 10 students took part in visits to colleges and places of employment to develop their knowledge of post 16 opportunities.

Year 11

The focus for Year 11 was on ‘raising the grade’. They took part in workshops and activities that promoted understanding of key Maths and English skills.