Book Buzz Arrivals

November 28, 2016 12:00 pm

web-book-buzz-2016-40Year 7 students have received their free Book Buzz books. This is a gift from the Government funded Book Trust programme.The students chose from a selection of books during lessons in the LRC. Over the next few weeks, they will be busy reading them as well as sharing ‘shelfies’ of themselves with the books on their Chrome Books.

Year 7 tutors have also selected one of the books and will be reading these alongside their tutor group.


book-buzz-42Whilst reading their books, Year 7 can now use their Chrome books to record the reasons why they chose it and they can also set a target of how long it will take them to read. On this form, there is space to drop in a selfie with their book (we are calling them shelfies).

We are looking for students to get creative with their shelfie photos. For example, if The Lie Tree was chosen, why not have a shelfie with your book in front of a tree? The best will be displayed in the LRC and around school.
Students will need to join Year 7 Announcements on Google Classrooms to use the template. Mrs Davison, Mr Smith, and tutors can support students with this.

Buzzing about books?web-shelfie-book-buzz-2016-30

Is Book Buzz creating a buzz about books? The students that have been asked this question in the LRC think so:

“I think my Book Buzz book (13 Hours) is really good because I like the suspense.” – Callum
River of Ink is mysterious and sad.” – Ethan
“I like that there is a range of books.” – Anonymous
“I love You Killed Me. It’s mysterious, how brilliant is that?” – Anonymous

All thirteen Book Buzz books can be borrowed from Mrs Davison in the Learning Resource Centre. More photographs of students with their books can be found in Our School In Pictures.