Batman Returns…to Confetti

August 4, 2016 1:33 pm

Year 10 students are thinking about which college they might want to apply to when they move into year 11 in September. Students from Year 10 went to Confetti in July to gain an insight into a range of courses on offer and the career paths that these could lead to.

BatmanBoomStudents took part in three workshops in television and film, games design and development and music performance and technology.

During the film workshop, students were given roles on a film set, from directing to acting as well as sound and lighting before creating a scene from Batman returns.

The games workshop saw students using Confetti’s specialist sculpting software to try and mould a version of their own heads. They then worked on designing a computer, bringing the scenery to life with colour and various tools and objects.

Students took part in recording music in recording studio for their final workshop, with drummers, singers and some fantastic dancing!

Thank you to Confetti for all of the time and effort that went into making this day a success, and for their hospitality. Thanks also to the students for being a credit to the school.

Mrs E. Arberry